PUBG Mobile UC: How to Purchase?

First of all, you must have an Easypaisa, Jazzcash, Upaisa, or any other online payment ways or bank account. Then you must have an PUBG Mobile ID and WhatsApp account. Just sent us your PUBG Mobile ID to this WhatsApp account. Further communication will be via WhatsApp.

PUBG Mobile UC: Rates and Specs

30Rs. 180
60Rs. 299
120Rs. 599
150Rs. 850
180Rs. 899
300Rs. 1250
340Rs. 1350
360Rs. 1450
400Rs. 1499

You can purchase PUBG Mobile UC up to 50k UCs. Contact here

Discover PUBG Mobile:

Immerse yourself in PUBG Mobile, the mobile adaptation of the renowned PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Developed by Tencent Games, this battle royale sensation pits you against 99 other contestants on a shrinking map. Whether you’re a lone wolf or part of a squad, survival is key. Best of all, PUBG Mobile is free to download on iOS or Android devices.

Instant Redemption:

Acquire your PUBGM Redeemable Voucher code instantly for your Pubg Account. Our streamlined process ensures instant delivery of UC top-ups directly to your in-game inbox. Dive into the fray with new gear and accessories, ready to dominate the battlefield.

Unleash Your Style with PUBG Mobile UC:

Unlock a world of customization with PUBG Mobile UC, the in-game currency that lets you stand out from the crowd. Use UC to acquire exclusive weapon skins, parachutes, and apparel, elevating both your appearance and gameplay. Don’t miss out on premium features like Lucky Spin and Elite Pass, accessible with UC credit.

Secure Transactions, Instant Access:

Purchase PUBG UC with confidence, knowing your sensitive information remains safeguarded. Opt for a digital gift card from Dundle (US) and choose from a plethora of payment options. Receive your code instantly via email, empowering you to replenish your UC balance and re-enter battle without delay.

No Expiry, No Worries:

Rest assured, your UC never expires, giving you the freedom to strategize and spend at your leisure. With no time constraints, you can make every UC purchase count towards your victory.

Enhance Your Arsenal:

Equip yourself with the latest weapon skins, companions, and outfits, courtesy of PUBG Mobile UC. With each purchase, you’re one step closer to achieving dominance on the battlefield.


What is PUBG Mobile UC?

UC is ingame currency that you can use to by crates and items.

What can I buy with PUBG UC?

Get treasures, outfits, Champions, Battle Passes, weapon skins and more! With this virtual currency, purchase a variety of in-game content for PUBC Mobile.

Can I send PUBG Mobile UC to another player?

Short Answer: Gift Them Directly
First, make sure you’re friends with the person in PUBG Mobile. Then, head to the in-game shop, select the item you wish to gift, and choose the ‘Send Gift’ option. Your friend will receive the item, and you’ll have spent your UC on a nice surprise for them.14-Mar-2024


Elevate your PUBG experience with UC top-ups, unlocking a world of customization and strategic advantages. Whether you’re fine-tuning your loadout or aiming for the top spot, PUBG Mobile UC empowers you to play your way. Gear up, dive in, and emerge victorious with UC in hand.